• Ronny and Marthe Emilie got married 15th of July, 2015.
  • Jan is Ronny’s father and have supported Ronny and his music his whole life. Ronny Coolcat Band was founded by Father and Son.
  • Petter is the first upright bass player in the band. The band could never afford an upright bass until Petter joined and brought one with him.
  • The band logo, was drawn by hand and later designed digitaly by a man, who used to be a shopkeeper at a Café, where Ronny frequently used to buy his coffee.
  • When Ronny Coolcat Band was founded, Ronny played on a guitar he built himself out of a cheap low end scrap guitar he found at a yardsale. Today he enjoys Epiphone guitars, which he still customizes to fit his own needs.
  • The Music video for the song «King Of Spades» was written, filmed and edited by Ronny Coolcat himself and Gaute Lo, today known from Pria Productions.
  • «Ronny Coolcat Thorud», is Ronnys legal registered name and partially an ode to his grandfather.
  • Marthe Emilie started singing when she was 4 years old, and has studied song and music for 3+ years, not counting choir and private lessons. She has also previously performed cabaret and theatrical plays on the side.
  • Petter has a background from rock, jazz and bigband playing. He has also played the trombone.
  • In Ronny’s early childhood, his father used to «babysit» him by putting him in a stroller and having him next to him while playing drums and performing the the local orchestra. Ronny never had a chance to not learn to be musical.