Mad Dog

Geirr “Mad Dog” Sethre

Geirr "Mad Dog" Sethre

Geirr “Mad Dog” Sethre

Guitars and backing vocals

Geirr started out playing bass in Boogie Tubes 30 years ago. Being bored with only having four strings to play on, he traded the bass in for a guitar instead. Over the years his musical development has been influenced by a wide variety of different musical genres, and after separating from the band Syvsover in 2014, he invested most of his time composing until joining RCB in 2019.

His musical expression is inspired by blues, jazz and country.

Geirr’s main instruments:

– Epiphone Sheraton II
– Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop 57
– Fender Stratocaster (USA)
– Fender Telecaster (Mexico)
– Gibson J-15 Accoustic
Amp(s): VOX AC30 C2, Roland Blues Cube Stage