RCB History


  • Ronny Coolcat Band was founded.


  • New bass player.


  • Additional member Marthe Emilie «Missy» Oppebøen.
  • Recorded (Stud Sound Studio, Oslo) and published (iMusicianDigital) the promo album «King Of Spades» Album can be found on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.
  • Created and published the Music Video: «King Of Spades»


  • Petter «Silverback» Horntvedt joined the band as the new bass player.


  • Entered contest Emergenza at John Dee in Oslo, Norway.
  • The band decided to invest more money in the band and booked the private photographer Malcolm Bernard.
  • The band started recording a new album. This time doing all the work private and on their own.
  • On July 29th 2015, Ronny Coolcat was interviewed by NEUFUTUR Magazine. Read the interview HERE !


  • Ronny Coolcat Band released their first full album, Time Machine
  • RCB played at “Norske Rednecks’ låveball”, to be on TV February 2017


  • In January 2017, RCB’s singer and piano player, Missy, sadly left the band to prioritise academic endeavours.
  • Ronny left Norway to work in Portugal
  • Dad and Silverback started recording a new album based on a jam session with the three members


  • Recording continued with Ronny adding guitars and vocal tracks when he visited Norway


  • RCB had its first international gig when playing in Ireland for a charity event near Limerick
  • April: Ronny returned to Norway
  • May: Geirr joined the band
  • Jan sadly passed away in August
  • September: Frank joined as the new drummer
  • 30 October: New single released – Rock’n’Roll Ronny!