Rock in Peace – about the album

rip_cover_webSince our album is distributed only digitally, we have no CD cover where we can provide information on this release. But as a courtesy to our fans, here is the information that you are all looking for:

The album was conceived in the autumn of 2018 as a way to keep RCB going while Ronny was working abroad. Based on some recorded jam sessions with the three members, Jan and Petter started building some tracks. During visits to Norway, Ronny added guitars and vocals and additional music. Jan sadly passed away in August 2019. This album serves as a tribute to and fond memory of our dear drummer. May he rock in peace.


Ronny Coolcat Band
Rock in Peace


  1. Akron, Oh Yeah! (For Mr. Rodgers)
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud/ Petter Horntvedt/ Jan Thorud)
  2. Let Me Hear You Bop
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud)
  3. The Greatest
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  4. Private Eye
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  5. Second Line
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  6. Please Don’t Make Me Beg
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud)
  7. Keep on Trucking
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud/ Petter Horntvedt/ Jan Thorud)
  8. Teenage Love
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud/ Petter Horntvedt/ Jan Thorud)
  9. Ford F Series
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  10. Hot Rod Suzie
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  11. Lock and load
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  12. Six o’ clock
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  13. The Bluest of Blues
    (Petter Horntvedt)
  14. Party Time
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud/ Petter Horntvedt/ Jan Thorud)
  15. Lift Up Your Head
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud)
  16. King of Spades
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud)
  17. That’s How You Play the Blues
    (Ronny Coolcat Thorud)
  18. Rock’n’roll Ronny (Album version)
    (Petter Horntvedt/ Ronny Coolcat Thorud)

Ronny Coolcat Band is

  • Ronny Coolcat Thorud – Lead guitar, backing guitar, percussion, keyboard, kazoo, lead vocal and backing vocal
  • Jan “Dad” Thorud – Drums, backing vocal and lead vocal on “Akron”
  • Petter “Silverback” Horntvedt – Basses, backing guitar, harmonica, keyboards, trombone, kazoo, backing vocal and lead vocal on “Akron”


Additional musicians

– Marthe “Missy” Emilie Oppebøen Thorud – Backing vocal
– Geirr “Mad Dog” Sethre – Backing vocal

Horny Horns

Brit Eggen
Mats Olsen
Tom Tollefsen

Alto sax:
Per Arne Munthe
Alexander Revaldsen

Tenor Sax:
Johan Ekstrøm
Stian Rødset
Hilde Åse Andresen

Bari sax:
Odd Arnestad

All instruments played by actual musicians!

Recorded and mixed by Petter Horntvedt
Horny arrangements by Petter Horntvedt
Mastered by Schnalz
Cover by Gaute Lo

Thanks to

– Gaute Lo for great cover art, video on Rock’n’roll Ronny and the inspiration for “Keep on Trucking”
– Lars Martin Undhjem and Frank “Stikka” Olsen for technical advice

This album is dedicated to the memory of Jan “Dad” Thorud (1959-2019)
Photo by Malcolm Bernard